URA STAR is a Social Enterprise for young people by young people. URA STAR started of as a movement pioneered by social justice campaigner and urban music artist, Witness. Witness spent much of his adolescence experimenting with life and struggling to find his identity and purpose until age 17, where he had a life changing experience that gave him a focused direction with clarity and his identity.

URA STAR  listens to the views of young people and gives them the opportunity to have their say. Witness and URA STAR have a straight-talking attitude and endorse the voice of the youth.

Recognising that teenagers are emotionally intelligent and that many of the answers lie with them, Witness has the ability to make their voice heard and importantly, gives them the confidence to take their message and run with it.

This event is partnership with redeeming our communities,WM  Police, Birmingham City Council and supported by WM  Fire Service.