Birmingham fights knife crime

The crackdown on knife crime has increased immensely in the last few months, nowhere more so than in schools, as pupils start their new school term greeted by airport-style metal detectors in the fight against knife crime. The charity ‘Crimestoppers’ is targeting a campaign at young people in ten regions across England and Wales including Birmingham to pass on information about who is carrying knives in their schools, by asking children to send a simple text message to a dedicated anonymous hotline.

The text message hotline allows pupils to text information, such as a persons name, school and age, if they spot someone carrying a knife. This information will then be passed onto the police.

The text service was piloted in London with some success last year and is now set to be introduced to nine other areas, including the West Midlands, which were identified as knife-crime hot spots.

Crimestoppers has been running the scheme in London since the summer and has so far received over 40 pieces of actionable information which has been passed onto law enforcement.

More than 200 officers took part in the initiative. Safety arches were also deployed at train and bus stations with metal detectors also being used across the bus network and by officers on street patrols.

The number to call is 0800 555 111.

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